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Workshop in Verbal Abuse Defense

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Our FREE Web-based Tutorial will help you understand abusive issues in depth. On this page we present a brief introduction to the tutorial and some guidelines. The tutorial is divided into four sections designed to help build your understanding of the skills used by those who go from victim to victor. The tutorial is FREE but you must complete all four forms at the end of each section in order to earn your Verbal Abuse Defense Certificate.

You may begin your FREE web-based Tutorial after reading this Introduction. You must use the guidance of a therapist or other professional should you decide to employ any of the strategies covered. The tutorial is self-paced and can be repeated as many times as you wish. Due to the volume of submissions, not all assignments are responded to, but the moderators read each and every one.


After you learn the dynamics of verbal and emotional abuse in Section 1 and 2, you will be ready to learn the techniques used to STOP being a target in Sections 3 and 4. Notice we didn't say "victim." You are not a victim, but a target, of his (or her) abuse and anyone can learn the process of dodging the abuse. Targets get out of the way. Victims are passive. Targets are active. Abusees are not 'survivors' either. The words "victim" and "survivor" should be purged from the vocabulary of the target of abuse because they are counterproductive. Survivors are the victims of circumstances in which they have no control. Those who master the target approach don't merely survive the game of domestic abuse--they win it. They are winners!

What you need to complete this course:

1. The ability to view pdf documents: If you do not have the FREE adobe pdf viewer--download and install it from here:

2. Commitment to complete the course even if you get bored or find sections you do not agree with. In fact you probably will not agree with some of the new ideas because you are in a pattern that is hard for you to break. It is natural to defend the old ways of thinking and be resistant new ways--so when you hit a wall and believe what we say in the course is not right, commit to finishing anyway. Nothing changes if nothing changes.


1. You never need to give your real name, unless you want to. However, if you want your Verbal Abuse Defense Certificate in your real name but are using a pseudonym, you will be offered that option at the completion of this course. Even if we issue your certificate under your real name, we will retain your records only under your pseudonym.

2. All lessons and comments submitted become the property of "Day By Day Recovery Resources." However, that does not mean we have the right to publish them if you specifically say we cannot. We often use the experiences of our participants to help others. If you want your words shared with others, you need do nothing in your emails or Completion Form. If you don't want any of your words shared, you must specifically request that we not publish or share your answers or comments. Remember, it is assumed we have permission to share your story. You must opt out of this if you do not want anything shared.

3. We NEVER sell or share your email with anyone. We use it to communicate with you and occasionally we will send out information for our readers.


Section 3 and 4 refer to the book Respect-Me Rules as a reference. (You are not required to purchase either Respect-Me Rules or the workbook that goes with it, but it increases your chances of success.) CLICK the picture to go to the lesson.

Learn what domestic abuse really is.

Section 1 Defining the Problem

Understanding the Miracle Principle will free you.

Section 2 The Miracle Principle

Get the basics of the respect me rules.

Section 3 What are the 12 Respect-Me RULES?

There are different ways to find closure, what is yours?

Section 4 Closure

We will send a Verbal Abuse Defense Certificate to all those who go thorough the entire workshop. However, in order to get the certificate, you must submit your Completion Forms found at the end of each section. All forms are completely voluntary and your name will be kept strictly confidential but we may use some of the answers in our books or websites to illustrate points in lessons that would be helpful to others. You do not have to use your real name. However, in order earn a Verbal Abuse Defense Certificate, be sure to give us a valid return email address. In no case will any email addresses be sold or distributed.

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